Media Manthan the flagship annual event of the Department of MCMS will be conducted on 16 and 17 January, 2015, the national level media event comprises of workshops, seminars, paper presentations and competitions. This year media Manthan 2015 will be organized as a UGC sponsored national level two day seminar, and will be a host to students and academicians of colleges from all over the country. The two day national level seminar will include paper presentations, panel discussions, competitions and workshops.


  1. Each college is allowed to register 2 teams for all the competitions, Number of participants in each team should consist of minimum of 3 members and maximum of 10 members, respectively besides photography competition
  1. The members of both the teams CANNOT interchange among one another for any competition, doing so, will lead to disqualification and reduction of overall championship points.
  1. The teams registered for competitions should make sure that they arrive for the event at least ten minutes before it begins.
  1. To avoid chaos and confusion, once the teams are registered no changes will be made.
  1. If a contestant is participating in any competition and has to attend any workshop simultaneously, it is the sole responsibility of the participant to make sure that the timings do not clash.
  1. Non- attendance at any workshops despite of registration will lead to deduction of points in the overall standing at Media Manthan 2015, so it is advised that each college send a separate team for workshops and competitions.
  1. Participation registration begins 1st of January and the last date for registration is 10th of January 2015.
  1. You can register yourself by sending an email to, consisting of details like, name of the competition you wish to participate and a list of participants, or, you may also opt for spot registration 16th January 2015 before 9 am.
  1. A registration fee of Rs.250 is compulsory from all the participants, there is no separate registration fee for competitions,on the spot registration will start at 8.30 am on 16th January 2015.


Let the juices of creativity flow …Bring out the best in you…


  1. The theme of mime will be “Changing News Landscapes
  2. Maximum of 10 members and minimum of 3 members can participate for this event
  3. Time allotted for the competition is 2 to 5 minutes.
  4. Criteria for the judgement will be Team spirit, Creativity, Performance and Costume.
  5. Any form of plagiarism or copy of the theme may lead to disqualification.
  6. The decision of the judges will be FINAL.


Rack your brains and be a giant in the media world


  1. Prelims will be held on January 16th, 2015.
  2. Venue and timing will be declared on the day of the competitions
  3. The quiz master’s decision will be FINAL and CANNOT be questioned.
  4. Each college can have 2 teams with 3 members each
  5. The Topic of the quiz is Changing News Landscapes in India (print, television, radio and new media)
  6. There will be a written qualifier roundafter which the teams will be short listed.
  7. Further rules will be explained during the competition


Speak it, OUT LOUD!!!

Participants will be shown selected videos from past television news clips, they are supposed to perform a live report according to the video. Among both the participants, one has to act as the anchor inthe studio and other as live reporter onthe field


  1. Each college is allowed to  have 2 teams consisting of 2 members each
  2. The video will be shown to the participants 5 minutes before the competition begins.
  3. Further rules will be explained during the competition


Open your third eye…


  1. Each college is allowed to have individual participants for the competition.
  2. Participants must bring their own equipment
  3. Theme will be announced at the venue
  4. There should NOT be any kind of manipulation on the original photographs
  5. Participants must submit the photograph in the form of a hard copy along with a soft copy, in the form of a CD.
  6. Further instruction will be given during the competition.

 *for more details, you may please contact:

Ms Pujya Shetty                                               


Mr David D’costa


Ms Juby Thomas

Department of Mass Communication organised Fresher’s Day 2014.

The Department of Mass Communication welcomed the Batch of 2014 to 2016 on July 22, by organizing Fresher’s Day 2014.


And the Freshers-2014-15 Batch

And the Freshers-2014-15 Batch

Mr Fresher-13 crowning Mr Fresher-14

Mr Fresher-13 crowning Mr Fresher-14

Ms Fresher-13 crowning Ms Fresher-14

Ms Fresher-13 crowning Ms Fresher-14

Former Mr & Ms Fresher-2013 with MR & Ms Fresher -2014

Former Mr & Ms Fresher-2013 with MR & Ms Fresher -2014

The upgraded version of MCMS dept

The upgraded version of MCMS dept

The Judges of the Fresher's day

The Judges of the Fresher’s day

Rev Fr William Marcel SJ delighting students with his melodies voice.

Rev Fr William Marcel SJ delighting students with his melodies voice.

The esteemed faculty

The esteemed faculty


We pledge that we abide by the rules of the department and obey them-Oath taking by Freshers

We pledge that we abide by the rules of the department and obey them-Oath taking by Freshers

The Fresher’s party was also an occasion to welcome new faculty member Rev Fr. William Marcel SJ to the department. The programme was organized by the second year students of M.C.M.S, in a unique way where the first year students had to dress up in the persona of various characters and perform to the style of mock press. The judging panel included the faculty and ex-students of the department, ex-students comprised of Mr Jishnu S Menon, Miss Nidhi Kushalappa, Mr Sudeep Shenoy and RJ Abhishek Shetty, the faculty involved Miss Juby Thomas, Rev. Fr. William Marcel SJ and Mr Vishal Nayak.
The programme was compare by Mr Robin Xavier and Miss Priya V and Miss Pragati A.S delivered the welcome speech for Rev. Fr. William Marcel and presented him with a potted fern as a token of appreciation.
This year the department of mass communication welcomed twenty two new students, each of whom, performed enthusiastically according to the characters given to them. Dressed up in innovative costumes, they performed as Justin Bieber, Gabbar Singh, Veerappan, Barrack Obama, Rahul Gandhi, Dev Anand, Sunny Leone and many more. They performed well considering the heated questions asked by the judging panel, the students replied with witty and to the point answers leaving the audience doubling over with laughter.
Even though, the competition got tougher with every performance, the coveted crowns of Mr. Fresher 2014 and Miss Fresher 2014 went to Mr Sunny Fernandes and Miss Shivani Reddy ,The crowns were handed over by Mr fresher 2013 Mr Robin Xavier and Miss fresher 2013 Miss Maxy Fernandes.
The students danced to the rhythms of their favourite songs as the programme ended with the Baila.

Admission 2014 – How to Apply (New!)

Eligibility Criteria

Students with B.A., B.A.J.C., B.Com., B.Sc., or any other equivalent degree in any discipline from a recognised University.

MCMS St Aloysius College syllabus is structured such a way that non-journalism students also can apply.

Minimum marks in degree: 45% pass INCLUDING languages

Application forms for admission in mass communication 2014 can be downloaded here – Click Here!

Completing the Application Form

  1. Fill in the Application Form only if you satisfy yourselves about your eligibility for admission to master of communication and media studies (MCMS).
  2. The Application Form has to be filled in your own handwriting in black ink and undertaking is to be signed by you only.
  3. The instructions in the Application Form are self-explanatory. Please follow them strictly.
  4. If your 6th Semester Marks are not available, you can fill in FIFTH semester marks and paper names
  5. Application number will be provided by the office. Please LEAVE IT BLANK.
  6. It is mandatory to provide your email address  and phone number (clearly) as it will be used by the Admission Office for any communication.
  7. It may be noted that no request for change in the particulars filled in the Application Form by you will be entertained under any circumstances.

Submitting the Masters of Communication Application Form 2014

  1. If you have downloaded the form from the site, print it on A4 size paper and send it with required details along with a DD of Rs.450 in favour of “Principal, St Aloysius College”, payable in Mangalore, to “Principal, St Aloysius College, P B 720, Mangalore 575 003, India”.
  2. Incomplete Forms will be rejected. No addition subsequently will be allowed and a new Form has to be submitted in this case. The Form cost will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.
  3. You are advised to keep a photocopy of the complete application form.
  4. Once the office processes your application form you will be notified about the interview dates. You should be accompanied by at least ONE parent for your interview
  5. There is NO entrance test. Only face-to-face interview
  6. Admissions are open till July 15, 2014

Graduation Day 2014 – A Report!

14 MCMS students from the batch 2011-2013 graduated with flying colours at the  St Aloysius Graduation Ceremony 2014 held on May 31, 2014.

Four of our graduating class of 2014 were in attendance – Nidhi Kushalappa, Devi Shree Shetty, Anjali Rai and Abdul Rasheed, who took time out of their busy schedule (this is their first year in the industry – the toughest and most exciting year) to make it to the ceremony.



MCMS Graduating Class of 2014

MCMS Graduating Class of 2014



Admission Open for Master of Mass Communication and Media Studies 2014

Dear Prospective Students,

The Dept of Mass Communication at St Aloysius College is glad to announce that the admissions for 2014 Master of Communication and Media Studies (MCMS – Equivalent to MA Mass Communication, MCJ etc) has commenced with full vigour from May 12, 2014

Interested students can pick up the admission form and brochure at college premises at the cost of Rs 450 or download it from here – click here for download page and form instructions.

Why St Aloysius College?
St Aloysius College, Mangalore is a comprehensive research-oriented institution that draws deeply from Jesuit traditions of well-balanced academics, scholarship and personal development and care. The combination of our Jesuit ethos along with the our ability to leverage the most contemporary research and developments in communication, commerce, management, science, ethics, and innovation technology help us transform students to consummate professionals that are geared towards solving today’s advanced problems.


A Bird’s Eye View of the Vast Campus – St Aloysius College sit on top of Lighthouse Hill with a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea!


PG Block of St Aloysius College


Our Pride – the 134 year old building that currently hosts Jesuit Residence and St Aloysius High School


Main Building – Nestled Between PG Block and The Above Building


Master of Communication and Media Studies (MCMS)
MCMS is a fully Govt approved two years full time masters course affiliated to Mangalore University and equivalent to MA Mass Communication and MCJ offered across various universities and institutes across India.

MCMS St Aloysius College combines the strengths of the print journalism, television, radio, and film program and the advertising, public relations, digital media program to impart students with exposure to a broad spectrum of media studies. At the completion of the course, students receive specilisation in

  1. Print and New Media
  2. Broadcast Media
  3. Corporate Communication

MCMS is a professionally oriented course that help students develop media skills and specific marketable skills. The faculty comprises of UGC NET Qualified Asst Professors with a strong inclination towards research who adopt a diverse range of teaching methods to impart knowledge about communication theory, research, film studies, advertising, media law etc.

In addition, Master of Communication and Media Studies (MCMS) St Aloysius College equips students with a broad knowledge of the history and dynamics of media along with a competency to assess and think critically about present and future media trends that may influence their careers.

Keeping up-to-date
The management and faculty at the dept of Mass Communication (MCMS) St Aloysius College are constantly involved in keeping the Dept of Mass Communication up to date with the contemporary media technologies and thus sustain a dynamic learning environment where students find unique learning opportunities.

Students are provided with constant interaction with industry experts, guest lectures and taken on field trips to Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc to learn the dynamics of contemporary media. We also organise special events within and outside the campus, such as campaigns, tours of media facilities, internships, and scholarships.

If you are interested in admissions 2014 for mass communication you can visit our college and have a look at the facilities and campus. Call our HOD Mr Vishal Nayak at +91 99864 21658 for any enquiry or if you want a tour of the facilities and the college campus. Outstation students are most welcome to call at anytime.

You can find the download mass communication admission form 2014 here – click here!

An interactive session with Rakshit Shetty

Actor turned director of kannada film Ulidavaru Kandanthe fame Rakshit Shetty interacted with the students of Mass Communication about his recent release if his film. After 10 days of its release, the much hyped cinema is running successfully in multiplex, a midst mixed reactions from the audiences.

Udupi based actor turned director Rakshit Shetty who has been receiving critical acclaim as well as audience’s appreciation for his directorial Debut shares few aspects which made him into the Kannada film industry. In the beginning of the talk Rakshit Shetty begins saying “he was inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction” which gave him the idea to do experimental cinema in Kannada film industry.

He is Delighted, for he has been able to portray the culture of coastal Karnataka at its best.   Tagged as an experimental cinema in the Kannada industry for its style of narration, Dialect, Adapting sync sound, Ulidavaru Kandanthe is making buzz among the cinema audiences. An hour long interactive session impressed the students of MCMS which built a unique experience to get ideas from a young director who featured his new debut directorial film.

A special screening of the movie was screened in Big Cinemas to the students of MCMS, guests of the Departments of St. Aloysius College and Media personalities. The Film enthralled the audience and students of MCMS by its innovative Screenplay and Sync sound.

 Mr. Ranjith Chowdary from Dept of Mass Communication shared his views “comparing the normal Kannada commercial films, this film has made a remarkable change in its distinct way of filming and scripting. I indeed recommend to be a must watch film that could change the filming style of Kannada film industry“.

Ms. Pujya Shetty a student from Dept of MCMS expresses her joy after witnessing her favorite actor Rakshit Shetty and interacting with him. “After the interactive session in the morning I indeed was eager to watch the film, watching Rakshit Shetty on screen delights me with his simple acting and awesome climax”.


Colorful Celebration of Sangam 2014

PG Day Sangam was celebrated in St Aloysius College, Mangalore on February 28,  2014. ‘Sangam’ is a cultural event organized for all PG departments in St Aloysius College, Mangalore. This year, the event was more colorful since the event took place on the campus. 15 departments participated in  Sangam fest. Each team was given maximum 20 minutes of duration to perform the program.

The department of MCMS was the first to perform the variety program that  included classical dance, cultural dance,drama, mime,yakshagana, tiger dance and  Indian dance.


It highlighted the cultural diversity and richness of Karnataka. It also pointed out the socio economic and political problems that prevails in the society. The corruption aspects was well pointed out through special mime. Tiger dance was another special attraction from the performance done by MCMS students. MCMS first year student Ms. Pragathi won the first price for Master of Ceremony.

Over all, the entire events of the Sangam 2014 highlighted the cultural diversity, religious unity, linguistic richnesss and socio economic and political problems in the society.

The Deparment of English won the overall championship and the department of MSW sacked second price and first price for the best theme for the event.

 Principal, Fr swebert D’Silva SJ, Rev. Fr. Francis Almeida SJ (Campus Minister), Dr. A. M. Narahari ( Registerar),Dr A. Lourdusamy, HOD of Department of English were present for the inauguration ceremony.

It was a great day for the students to showcase their talents and also a great day to encourage the students. After the valedictory function special byla was arranged for the students to celebrate the Sangam 2014.

The overchampionship was backed by department of English and msw won the first prize for best theme of the event. After closing ceremony special baila was conducted for the students in the campus.