An interactive session with Rakshit Shetty

Actor turned director of kannada film Ulidavaru Kandanthe fame Rakshit Shetty interacted with the students of Mass Communication about his recent release if his film. After 10 days of its release, the much hyped cinema is running successfully in multiplex, a midst mixed reactions from the audiences.

Udupi based actor turned director Rakshit Shetty who has been receiving critical acclaim as well as audience’s appreciation for his directorial Debut shares few aspects which made him into the Kannada film industry. In the beginning of the talk Rakshit Shetty begins saying “he was inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction” which gave him the idea to do experimental cinema in Kannada film industry.

He is Delighted, for he has been able to portray the culture of coastal Karnataka at its best.   Tagged as an experimental cinema in the Kannada industry for its style of narration, Dialect, Adapting sync sound, Ulidavaru Kandanthe is making buzz among the cinema audiences. An hour long interactive session impressed the students of MCMS which built a unique experience to get ideas from a young director who featured his new debut directorial film.

A special screening of the movie was screened in Big Cinemas to the students of MCMS, guests of the Departments of St. Aloysius College and Media personalities. The Film enthralled the audience and students of MCMS by its innovative Screenplay and Sync sound.

 Mr. Ranjith Chowdary from Dept of Mass Communication shared his views “comparing the normal Kannada commercial films, this film has made a remarkable change in its distinct way of filming and scripting. I indeed recommend to be a must watch film that could change the filming style of Kannada film industry“.

Ms. Pujya Shetty a student from Dept of MCMS expresses her joy after witnessing her favorite actor Rakshit Shetty and interacting with him. “After the interactive session in the morning I indeed was eager to watch the film, watching Rakshit Shetty on screen delights me with his simple acting and awesome climax”.


Colorful Celebration of Sangam 2014

PG Day Sangam was celebrated in St Aloysius College, Mangalore on February 28,  2014. ‘Sangam’ is a cultural event organized for all PG departments in St Aloysius College, Mangalore. This year, the event was more colorful since the event took place on the campus. 15 departments participated in  Sangam fest. Each team was given maximum 20 minutes of duration to perform the program.

The department of MCMS was the first to perform the variety program that  included classical dance, cultural dance,drama, mime,yakshagana, tiger dance and  Indian dance.


It highlighted the cultural diversity and richness of Karnataka. It also pointed out the socio economic and political problems that prevails in the society. The corruption aspects was well pointed out through special mime. Tiger dance was another special attraction from the performance done by MCMS students. MCMS first year student Ms. Pragathi won the first price for Master of Ceremony.

Over all, the entire events of the Sangam 2014 highlighted the cultural diversity, religious unity, linguistic richnesss and socio economic and political problems in the society.

The Deparment of English won the overall championship and the department of MSW sacked second price and first price for the best theme for the event.

 Principal, Fr swebert D’Silva SJ, Rev. Fr. Francis Almeida SJ (Campus Minister), Dr. A. M. Narahari ( Registerar),Dr A. Lourdusamy, HOD of Department of English were present for the inauguration ceremony.

It was a great day for the students to showcase their talents and also a great day to encourage the students. After the valedictory function special byla was arranged for the students to celebrate the Sangam 2014.

The overchampionship was backed by department of English and msw won the first prize for best theme of the event. After closing ceremony special baila was conducted for the students in the campus.


A Visit to Balmatta Printing Press

This press was started by a German named Hermann Fredrik Moegling in 1843. The importance for the promotion of religion, focusing on the improvement of intellectual brilliance of the population and the Kannada journalism was focused. The oldest machineries which were brought by the Germans during that time are still being used by them and are well maintained. Mangalooru Samachar was the first newspaper being printed in this press. The main intention to come up with this idea of Moegling was to give information to the people. This is the oldest printing press in Karnataka and has given importance to Kannada Journalism.

As a part of academics, on September 27, 2013 the students of Mass Communication visited the Balmatta printing press. The purpose of the visit to this press was to learn about the functions and objectives of the press. Many newspapers, dictionaries and books have been published here. The process of how the printing press was also brought to the students notice.

Students were given knowledge of how the machines are used for the printing in the press. This printing press will be made as a historical forum, said the editor.


Industrial Visit to Udayavani Printing Press

The students of the Department of Mass Communication of St.Aloysius College went for an industrial visit to ‘Udayavani Press’ Manipal in the month of December. As students of media, a visit to a printing press is very significant because it provides an opportunity to understand the genuine hardships and struggles of the industry. The objectives of the visit were:

  • To know the structure of a printing press
  • To understand the different units and the functions
  • To gain a pre-industrial experience.


The press is situated in a huge building near Manipal University.  The press is divided into different sections which is inter linked. The main units are the designing and layout section, the printing section, the binding section and the stock section.  The designing and layout section takes up the works of designing the matter to be printed. The employees in this unit are experts in different applications of designing. The printing section is large in area as it includes both off-set and web. The machinery in this unit works systematically and it is a chain of process. It starts from inserting the plain paper rolls and ends with printed materials. The binding section includes the highest number of workers for many of the works are done manually. In the stock section the finished products and materials are kept. The success of the press is in the unified and systematic function of the units.

The visit was a practical exposure. Other than the theories in the classroom this industrial visit gave an ample opportunity to understand the concrete realities.  The need for co-ordination and systematic arrangement of work was an important lesson to learn.P

Exploring the world of photography

Mr. Gagan Prakash, Assistant Professor at Symbiosis University, Pune interacted with the students of MCMS, St Aloysius College on the topic Photography. The session was very informative and interesting. Students were enlightened with his talk. Mr. Gagan Prakash spoke about the different techniques and ideas which are required for camera and photography purpose. The entire session was very beneficial to the students in gaining more information in the field of photography.

 Students of MCMS raised a couple of questions which were all answered by Mr. Prakash and he also threw light on camera lightings and settings. He said the most important thing to be taken care while shooting or while clicking pictures is of setting the cameras in different angles and lighting them as well. He taught the students how to click pictures placing the object in the right place. He also helped the students in knowing how and how not to click pictures. In his session he came up with activities related to photography so that the students could be free to put forth their queries and mean while to clarify their doubts with regard to photography. He also gave practical work for students.

Mr. Arun Lucas a student of MCMS said, “It was amazing to have Mr. Gagan Prakash who created desire in the minds of the students especially to learn and know more about photography”.

Mr. Gagan Prakash said, “I am thankful to the faculty members who invited me to give a talk on the topic photography. The students were very much interested to know more about the rules of photography and cleared many doubts  which inspired and encouraged me to talk more on the topic, said Mr. Prakash.

 Ms. Laxmi Shenoy, faculty member of the Department of MCMS thanked Mr. Gagan Prasad for sparing his valuable time and teaching the students the rules and regulations of Photography.

Media Manthan 2014 – “ADvent” Unleashed the creativity

Department of Mass Communication of St Aloysius College organized a long awaited Media Manthan-2014, a three day national level media fiesta on 21 February with the theme ‘Advent’. The theme runs around the phrase, ‘unleash your creativity’ which was a motivating factor for all the participants.




Mr. Manosh Sengupta, A Brand parent of idea made a big difference in the fest by being the chief guest of the program.  He in his key note address said, “The best advertiser always thinks beyond the limitation. The power of imagination will make difference in his work. The world of advertisement is for the people who can chase their dreams than illusion.” He also said, “Everyone who is dreaming to join the world of advertisement should be able to expand time to maximize life.”

Rev. Fr. Swebert D’Silva, Principal, St. Aloysius College said in his presidential address, “media has both good and evil sides within it. It must take positive role in building society.” He also appreciated the department by sayi8ng, “This fest is presenting the different aspects of media world from past 4 years which is highly appreciable.”

Dr. A. M. Narahari, Registrar, St.Aloysius College, Mr. Vishal Nayak, HOD, Dept. of Mass Communication, Ms. Laxmi Shenoy, Staff Co-coordinator of the program, Mr. Sudeep Shenoy, Student Coordinator, and Mr. Wilson Pereira were present on the dais to witness the program.

To step into the advertising industry with the relevant theme like ADVENT presented a fiesta which comprised of interactions, workshops, competitions, Ad festival and paper presentations. Mr. Sitesh Chandra Govind conducted workshop on the Advertising Techniques, workshop on Advertising Avenues by Mr. Badekkila Pradeep, workshop on photography by Gagan Prakash, workshop on Advertising Communication by Mrs. Manjusha Hebbar.

More than the workshops there were a number of competitions such as ‘AdWise’ a quiz competition, ‘AdVenture’ a treasure hunt, ‘AdRustam’ a photography competition,  and ‘AdDress’ a fancy dress, ‘AdHika Prasanga’ a mad ad competition, Ads Dekhe Zara’ a ad making competition, ‘AdIpoli’ a rangoli competition and ‘Ad Shah’ a quest for the best advertiser.

The third fiesta was the day of exhibition of over 500 ads and a stunt show attracted a number of students for their visual treat.

Dr. J.R. Lobo, MLA graced the evening for the valedictory function and honored the winners with prizes and certificates.

Mass Communication MEDIA TOUR – ‘A Way to New World’

The department of Mass Communication, St Aloysius College, conducts a media tour every year as part of our course. Every year, second year MCMS students along with the faculty visit various media organizations and institutions to enhance their knowledge.

This academic year students paid a visit to Mumbai and Pune. The main purpose of a media tour is to have educational exposure and connection with media professionals from the media industry. This will help the students in selecting career for their future.


During the Media tour, students visit print, Electronic and online media, Ad agencies, PR , Media Buying agencies etc. Media tour helps the students to achieve real practical exposure on what they study and learn in their class rooms. Apart from this, it provides an idea on how to get into the media industry.

This year, first day students visited ‘Percept’ a well-known ad agency in Mumbai and had a two hour interaction session with the manager in charge. The session was very beneficial for the students who discovered useful knowledge about the field of advertising.

From there students moved to ‘Akashavani’ and students were introduced to different functions of each department. This helped the students to get practical knowledge about radio broadcasting. Two days students spend in Mumbai , end of the first day students visited print. First day gave a lot of knowledge of different industries to the students.

On the second day, MCMS students visited St Xavier’s College and got to know a whole new world of opportunities. Next stop for the students of MCMS, ST. Aloysius College was ‘Jai Maharashtra’ a TV channel where they had a wonderful experience to watch the TV studio in live functioning.

Third day, we left for Pune and indulged in a day full of fun and enjoyment at ‘Imagica’ Theme park. Tired, exhausted but fully rejuvenated, we reached Pune.

Fourth day started by visiting FTII, and moved to the beautiful campus of Symbiosis and had an interaction with faculty of Symbiosis College. Mr Gagan Prakash, assistant professor, arranged a tour for students through the college and gave a detailed description of studios and its functions.

Fifth day of the tour students moved back to Mumbai and visited Bombay stock exchange. Following which we started our long and eventful journey back to Mangalore!

This year’s media tour conducted by dept of Mass Communication, St Aloysius College to Mumbai and Pune was fully for educational purpose and media tour will help students to achieve a better life in future.