Campus Eye Telecast on V4 Channel on January 03 2016

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Campus Eye Telecast on V4 Channel on January 03 2016

Story : Feature story on Marine Aquarium



Producer: Sana.C.P
Anchor: Dhanush
Crew: Shivaranjini Ridhi Lakra


Campus Eye Telecast on V4 News Channel on October 11, 2015

Priyanka Kaneria of Social Land, UK, ignites Public Relations Passion in MCMS Students

Public Relations is an often misunderstood and misused term that is generally thrown in the advertising and journalism category, but in reality its strands extends to a wider range.

New buds in the Department who are at the brink of their industrial experience and new jobs had an interactive and informative session with Ms Priyanka Kaneria, PR professional, Social Land, UK.

Priyanka, who is originally from Mangalore, currently resides and works in UK and was on a vacation visit to her family in Mangalore. The enthusiastic Priyanka was happy to take time out to interact with out students who were equally thrilled to see an international industry person share her experience with them.

Right at the beginning of our session, Ms Priyanka made a comprehensive statement: “A PR professional needs to have an in-depth knowledge about the client, the competitors, and the products that they are related to before doing anything about the brand”, which gave an insight to the students about the value, effectiveness, competence, efforts and creativity to get the right things done at the right place.

Further the class turned to a different level with throwing insights on public relation, journalism, press releases etc.

Practical and interactive activities were conducted to explain how important are headline and the structuring of a press release is for a PR person to give the journalist what they want.

Client servicing is the area where a PR show her skill during Crisis Management, She says. She also shared her experiences about her work atmosphere challenging moments and interesting projects.

Students eagerly asked various questions related to the topic to clear the gap between their theoretical knowledge and industrial work sphere. Ms Priyanka was able to clear many of the pre- concepts

about the PR industry.

Akshata one of the student said, “The session was very interactive and informative with a lot of hands on experience giving activities which will definitely help us in pitching letters to the journalists in the mere future.”

The enthusiastic and energetic presence of the resource person and the interest shown by the students made the session a very successful one.

MCMS Media Tour 2015- Day 4; Last day yet Most Memorable


On the visit to dream city of Mumbai as a part of media tour we came to the final destination yet the most memorable day. Being the last day of voyage everyone was ready fill themselves with what the city is going to offer for the day. We started our journey at around 11 am to one of India’s most unique landmark situated in city of Mumbai, Gate Way of India being one of the major tourist attractions.

The day began where we were been divided into four groups and took four cab to reach the place. On the way filled with traffic, we saw a numbers of old buildings, Bandra – worli sea link, drive on the sea link is breath-taking and the view was amazing.


Worli Sea Link at Bandra, Mumbai

At around 12 pm we reached gateway of India. It’s located at the tip of Bombay and well connected with several esteemed eateries too. And also a perfect picture capturing place with friends and dear ones.  It is a wide open area with boating facility; the place was also filled with many tourists who were busy clicking photos and enjoying the beauty of architecture.  We were excited and filled with happiness upon which were memories were treasured by clicking pictures.

The architectural design of the gate of India is like an Arch. The structure itself is very spectacular catching the attention of the visitors for more than just a few minutes. It is a nice place to stand but unfortunately the weather was too hot and that made us thirsty, just so sugarcane juice was right beside to quench our thirst.


MCMS students sight-seeing to the famous historic Gateway of India

After seeing the gate of India some of us went for shopping in Coloba causeway. It was a busy street where one find shops on both the side of road where vendors selling collections of clothes, ornaments, shoes, and other gift items at negotiable prices.


The Taj Hotel at Mumbai

The icon hotel Taj which was right opposite to the Gateway cannot be ignored. The beauty of both is remarkably splendid leaving the visitors admiring and wanting for more. The true pride of Mumbai as well the country has got so much to refresh us. After spending one hour over the place we headed over to Lokmanya Tilak Terminal. Every journey as a good ending, journey to Mumbai came to an end with lots of memories to cherish forever.






MCMS Media Tour 2015- Day 3; Dream Come true


To grasp the hectic life of Mumbai was not a joke yet same time exciting with lots to look forward. The journey on the third day began early at 9:30 from the hotel as there was much to do for the day. In the hustle-bustle local train one come across noise after noise, pushing and pulling, conversations from young to old, people making fake friendships, unknown faces grumbling and greeting you and what not. The 45 minutes long voyage in the local train from Jogeshwari to Marine Lines offers the real lesson of standing from the crowd.

The feeling of stepping into St Xavier’s College Mumbai and Times of India was a nervous breakdown and a dream come true. The eagerness and readiness to learn new things from these top industries and institutions in the country was pretty much obvious.

The magnificent ancient architecture of St Xavier’s College captured our hearts at first sight. The amiable milieu of the college inspired even more, the Xaverites must have been proud to step in everyday. The MCMS Students as visitors step inside the college campus where Mr Lanzil D’Costa graciously led and guided us throughout our journey in the college and particularly Xavier Institute of Communication.


MCMS students at St Xavier College Mumbai

Fr Lawrence Ferrao SJ, Director of Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC) briefed about how to disconnect the connection especially in a digital world of today where students get maximum options to connect things and make life more complex. Dr. J.B Mistry, Dean Consultant told how they keep up and maintain student friendly environment annually. He also showed the photography skills and other video projects done by the students.

We also visited Computer lab, Editing Studio and control room, XIC library, audio-visual library, number of lecture halls and the historical monuments of the college. The visitation ended with Mr. Lanzil D’Costa helping us pointing towards the pathway to Times of India office.


MCMS students at Xavier’s Institute of Communication Library

The appointment with one of the largest newspaper industry in the world Times of India, Mumbai has much in store for us. Fifteen minutes from Xavier College to Times of India office was worth walking for after all. Meeting with the different editors of Times of India, resident editor-Ravi Rao, editor of Mumbai Mirrors- Ravi, editor of Bombay Times- Priya Gupta, editor of Maharshtra Times- Ashok Panvalkar and Sunder Chand Thakur editor of Navbharat Times. Students and respective editors had an interactive session where each editor briefed about the functioning of their respective editions. We also raised questions and doubts, the challenges faced in this digital transformation world. Later the students visited each sections and departments of the Times and wine up.


The visit to Times of India office, Mumbai

One of the most popular shopping hubs- Fashion Street Mumbai known for its cheap price indeed was run around moment as if to buy the whole shop. Flipping dress after dress, stopping by every next shop and make sure we bought the best of garments and accessories, only later to find our hands hanging with polythene bags at the end of 1 km stretched long.

If you’re looking forward for quiet moment at the end of your busy day Marine drive Mumbai is the perfect place. We were amazed by its tranquility and unending serenity surrounded to offer weary passerby.  The magic cool breeze has the power to tear down even the hardest soul into softest and make you fall in love over and over again.


MCMS students at CST railway station, Mumbai

One should not miss Mumbai double-decker trip that gave you bumpiest ride at the end of the day. Managing brightest standing smiles and posing for selfie despite moving bus was incredibly fun. Though its brief ride Mumbai have got much in store after store, the sight of brilliantly-yellowish lighting of CST railway station was astounding, these memories are captured in our cannon, Nikon and celluloid cameras, most essentially in our hearts the will always remain.

MCMS Media Tour 2015- Day 2; Exploring Creativity


The day when we all were dazed off the tiredness of the previous day’s journey. Travelling on the local trains of Mumbai made our day out to experience the busy modes of living conditions of the dream city.

After being trampled by the people around, we successfully made our way charmingly outside the railway station. It was the first time that many of us experienced the Aamchi Mumbai-ness.  Walking down the busy streets of Goregaon with the hope of finding a good restaurant to get our hands on the sizzling taste of Mumbai food.


Students actively listening to how advertising agency functions

The streets of Mumbai city made us sense the taste of the famous vada pao. For us it all began with the extraordinary feeling of tasteing omelet with pao instead of vada pao, which was yet another ‘by default side-dish’ to go along. Once done with enriching our taste buds, we headed towards the zone of all creativities, the Basecamp, an advertising agency.

After that, we met former Aloysian, Prisca D’costa, who took some time out from her busy schedule to take us around the organization. The splashed creativity on the walls of the agency got us awestruck at the very first look.

We were warmly welcomed by the organization members with the mutual curiosity to know each other. A quick introductory session helped us inculcate the learning techniques of creative world called advertising. A clear cut explanation at the organization kept us eagerly to understand the working strategies, skills, thoughts flows and imaginative concepts enabling to understand the working conditions of the ad agency.  The nippy explanation on the ad campaign helped us understand about the stages and tasks done prior during and after the designing of an advertising campaign.


MCMS students of St Aloysius College at Basecamp India, Advertising agency

The most important aspects of understanding the trends of advertising and motives to develop the ad made us feel the essence of creativity and innovation to grab the attention of every individual. The staff also allowed us to clarify our doubts and encouraged us to ask all that that popped on our heads about the field of advertising. The working environment and flexible timing of the advertising agency made many of us feel the comforts of life yet with the anxiety to grab the ideas and concept that drive you crazy.  We all finally learnt that passion is the only dose of happiness for a successful career  at the  ingenious world of advertisement .

After having an informative afternoon, we then headed directly to one of the shopping destinations of Mumbai, the Hill Road market at Bandra where the next 4 hours were spent admiring, bargaining and buying all that we wanted. A quick dinner was followed bringing us to the end of an eventful and exciting second day in the city of dreams.


MCMS Media Tour 2015- An insightful trip to Mumbai


Day 1 – Touchdown!
So they say Mumbai is the city of dreams, for us it felt like a nightmare. From the slow Mangalore life to the upbeat Mumbai chaos, we were awestruck and equally dumbfounded. We step foot in a cosy yet congested Hotel by the name The New Royal Inn. And that was our home for the next four days.

The earlier half of the day was spent entirely to fulfil our tummy cravings. Wandering around Jogeshwari, we found ourselves at a quaint place which served a more than decent breakfast for each one of us. Mutton Kheema and paowas an absolute treat to the mouth.

This was then followed by spending the early afternoon at Infinity mall located in Andheri. We aimlessly walked around and gazed at the highly priced branded stores. Right next to Infinity mall, was our first media firm that we were scheduled to visit.


Talent Head, Sapna of Frames Production house explaining about the departmental responsibilities in the organisation to students of MCMS

We headed to Frames, the production house which produces non-fiction/ reality shows for Zee TV. Sapna, the talent head from the channel welcomed and briefed us about the functioning of the production house. She then left us in the safe hands of three of her team members, who shared their insightful experiences. They explained the entire process of how the show runs, right from ideation to the actual screening of the show. It was a highly interactive session, and we learnt a lot from this production house.

Our next appointment was fixed at 5 o’clock at Agency09, a digital media marketing agency. In between we had to hustle through the Mumbai traffic. We decided to catch the BST buses which plied from Andheri West to Bandra West. This was another experience in itself. We then had to hamper and have a quick bite at a fancy place in Bandra.



Students having practical session with SEO experts at Agency09, Mumbai

The Agency09 crew was extremely friendly, and they did not hesitate one bit in explaining to us the entire functioning of their agency. A special SEO practical program was organised for us students. This way we were allowed to put our theoretical knowledge in to practice. We were then treated to the tastiest of burgers at Agency09.

And just like that our eventful day came to an end by travelling in the ever so crowded Mumbai local trains. Giving us the gist of how competitive this media world really is with the balance of fun and knowledge.


Mass Communication students of St Aloysius at Agency09, SEO Digital Marketing





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