Ode to Destitution

An Insight to Indian Media and Plights of the Poor - Read the press on rural India. By Annu Gangdharan You’ll be struck by the fact that – in the press the rural poor almost never speak. They invariably ‘lament’ or ‘plead’ or ‘cry’ or ‘beg’ for attention. Sometimes, they even ‘wait’ or ‘weep’. They rarely... Continue Reading →

‘This Day, That Year’ -Sep 21,1784 – ‘Pennsylvania Packet’ becomes America’s first daily

Note: ‘This Day, That Year’ is a series of articles chronicling important events in history that shaped present media scenario. These articles are written exclusively by our II Year students of MA Mass Communication. Mangalore attracts numerous individuals with untapped talent, this series is one such output of their energetic group think… the Dept wishes... Continue Reading →

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