When “Bookfie” Binds Bookaholics Through BOOK Campaign


Selfie challenges have swept away the social media with numerous selfie challenges and that’s when Better Option to Obtain Knowledge (BOOK) a campaign by the students of MA (Journalism & Mass communication) resorted to ‘Bookfie’ or ‘selfie with a book’ challenge on 23, September to promote reading, where one will be flaunting their favorite book in their selfie which will be posted in Facebook with #MeNmyBook.


Samuel Boban, Kannur


The selfie challenge was initiated by the BOOK campaign team by posting their own selfie with a book and challenging their friends to post their selfie with their favorite book with hashtag #MeNmyBook. They were further asked to nominate their friends for the same.

Anusha Shetty, Bangalore

It’s really a proud moment for BOOK as it got a massive response for its endeavor with more than 200 selfies being posted. Book Lovers have posted their selfies with their favorite books and further challenged their fellow book lovers. The selfie challenge is still viral on the internet where readers are posting selfies and further nominating their friends.


Priyanka, Aurangabad


The selfie challenge got a huge response from students all over from Mangalore in and around Karnataka and Kerala. Not only students, elders where also challenged to post their selfie with their favorite book and the challenge went viral all over the social media in a very short span of time.

RJ Priya, Mangalore



By Priyanka

Ankita, from the team of BOOK said, “I think selfie with book is something innovative and new to make people aware about importance of books”. She also said that it is an initiative to make people aware of reading ‘books’, as reading is not dying as people are found reading snippets like blog post and tweets but habit of reading books is endangered.





‘This Day, That Year’ -Oct 5, 1962 – Dr. No, First Bond Film Premiered in London

Note: ‘This Day, That Year’ is a series of articles chronicling important events in history that shaped present media scenario. These articles are written exclusively by our II Year students of MA Mass Communication. Mangalore attracts numerous individuals with untapped talent, this series is one such output of their energetic group think… the Dept wishes them well in this endeavor.

 It’s estimated that since Dr.No, a quarter of world population has at least seen one Bond film.

By Priyanka

Bond. James Bond, every time he says it not even once has failed to leave his charm; he is the epitome of cool, smart and witty. He drives the most expensive cars as well as women mad by wearing sleekest of suits. Villains despise him and women covet to be with him and we as audience adore him.

This all began when the suave secret agent of all time debuted from Ian Fleming’s novel to onscreen on October 5, 1962 with first official Bond movie, Dr.No.

James bond is a British secret agent working for MI6 with code number ‘007’ is a man of great taste in cocktail-“shaken not stirred”, he knows how to wear a tux and woe women and above all he is a hero of pop culture with his adaptation to technology. Till now 8 different characters have played the character of James Bond and 26 films have come in 56 years but still ‘Dr.No’ is considered as one of the best of Eon Productions.

The movie that gave birth to a cult following unparalleled even after 50 years

Dr.No was directed by Terence Young starred Sean Connery as Bond, who is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of a fellow British agent and the trail leads him to the underground base of Dr.No, who is plotting to disrupt an early American space launch with a radio beam. This movie has also led to the birth of new genre of “secret agent films” that flourished in 1960’s.

The most iconic aspect of Bond movies were established in Dr.No that is, through the view of gun barrel and highly stylised main title sequence, both created by Maurice Binder and Ken Adam, which is one of the hallmark of film series. This movie has also inspired NBC series, ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’. Furthermore, it’s estimated that since Dr.No, a quarter of world population has at least seen one Bond film.

Another important aspect in the movie is Bond girl. How can one forget the ravishing beauty Ursula Andres, who influenced fashion world by flaunting ‘Bikini’ in movie which made her an international celebrity and its said that the use of bikini in the movie led to the biggest impact on the history of bikini which continues to be a trend even today.

Bond films have changed dramatically over the period. Some movies were good and some were bad but Director Sam Mendes rightly said, “In a way it’s deeply old fashioned in its value but they never go out of date”

All thanks to the first James Bond says Desowitz, “I don’t believe it would have lasted if they had not cast anyone besides Sean Connery”. Well, it’s been 6 years, since 2012. October 5 is celebrated ‘Global James Bond Day’ and series of events are held on this day to commemorate reign of timeless secret agent, James Bond.


‘This Day, That Year’ -Sep 28, 1972 -David Bowie Sells Out His First Show

Note: ‘This Day, That Year’ is a series of articles chronicling important events in history that shaped present media scenario. These articles are written exclusively by our II Year students of MA Mass Communication. Mangalore attracts numerous individuals with untapped talent, this series is one such output of their energetic group think… the Dept wishes them well in this endeavor.

David Bowie sells out his first show on September 28, 1972

By Anusree

David Bowie whose real name is David Robert Jones was one of the famous English singers of all time. He was considered an innovator, by critics and musicians for his works in the 1970s. His music had influenced the popular music and culture  in many ways.

His record sales was estimated at 140 million worldwide during his lifetime which made him one of the world’s best-selling music artist. But when it came to his debut, despite all his other famous works, has a special place in everyone’s mind and in the history of popular music.

David Bowie, vocal, performs at the Ahoy hal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 30th March 1990. (Photo by Frans Schellekens/Redferns)

1st US Ziggy Stardust Tour was his debut was at New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall on 28th September, 1972. David Bowie was not much famous in US in September 1972. For Bowie it was very important to succeed in New York so that he can succeed in the US rock market.

It was very difficult for Bowie to perform in New York City as he was new to the city, and most of the US people had never heard of him before. He was also going to face the national press for the first time in New York.

The concert became one of the famous events in New York City and the tickets were sold out very fast. A Klieg spot light was placed outside the hall on the evening of the concert. The powerful white beam of light was in the sky. The hall was lighted just as if it was for a Hollywood movie premiere.

“Fall in love with David Bowie” was the slogan displayed on the Carnegie hall of the New York City. People poured in to Carnegie hall just to watch Bowie perform. Famous celebrities of the time, Truman Capote, Todd Rundgren, Tony Perkins etc also attended the concert.

The concert also got a great coverage from the press. Every British music papers represented the event.The concerned company announced that more than 400 applications for press passes had been made when only 100 press passes were available for the concert.

NewsMinute’s Dhanya Rajendran Inspires MA(JMC) Students to Break New Barriers

Dhanya Rajendran addressing students at Samprathi 2016

‘Women and media have moved a long way since I began my career about a decade and half ago. Misogyny, though present, is gradually receding, which is a good news for women journalists across the country’

This began Dhanya Rajendran’s session at Samprathi 2016, organised by the dept of MSW at St Aloysius College. Students of MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) also attended the session, titles ‘Women and Media’.

Dhanya Rajendran, current Managing Editor at The NewsMinute and former Times Now South India Reporter with few of the MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) students.

Dhanya Rajendran, currently the Managing Editor at The NewsMinute bsed in Bangalore, is no doubt a woman passionate about journalism and women’s issues India.

Her hour and a half talk was peppered with anecdotes from her journalistic life over the past decade.

Ms. Rajendran recalled the time when she was passing through a naxal infested area in the night and where residents refused to supply them with basic amenities. She said, though she was anxious, she was determined to do her job.

Dhanya Rajendran taking time out after her talk for Reshma , second year journalism and mass communication, Mangalore, student.

Students of MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) were thrilled to listen to her inspiring words, especially the female students who are now looking forward to an exciting career in journalism.

Before founding the NewsMinute with the legendary Chitra Subramaniam and Vignesh Vellore in 2014 Ms. Rajendran worked as South India head for the English news channel Times Now reporting from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Dhanya Rajendran sharing a light moment with Dr. Loveena Lobo, HOD, of Dept of MSW and Mr Vishal Nayak, HOD, Dept of Mass Communication, St Aloysius College.

She concluded her speech by urging the youth to paricipate in social development and social change, especially through social media.

‘You now have the power in your hands. If you do not like the way a woman is depicted in a TV ad or serial voice your opinion bravely on social media and see the support you’ll get. You may even be successful in making the company withdraw the offensive ads,’ she added emphatically.

Ms. Tia Boban, Asst Professor at Dept of Mass Communication, Mangalore, who was present during the talk had this to say: “She gave a firsthand account on the coverage of women’s issues from a feminist perspective. It was a session which not only evinced the prevalent misogyny in media, but also instigated our minds to fight against it.”


‘This Day, That Year’ -Sep 21,1784 – ‘Pennsylvania Packet’ becomes America’s first daily

Note: ‘This Day, That Year’ is a series of articles chronicling important events in history that shaped present media scenario. These articles are written exclusively by our II Year students of MA Mass Communication. Mangalore attracts numerous individuals with untapped talent, this series is one such output of their energetic group think… the Dept wishes them well in this endeavor.

America’s first newspaper Pennsylvania Packet or General advertiser started publication on September 21st,1784

By Rosemole

Newspapers have had a wonderful and diverse history ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press. Every country in the world, sooner or later, had its own newspaper industry.

But the first newspaper of any country always claims a special place in the country’s rich print media’s history.

Today, Sept 21, is one such day for USA: a country whose print media industry has had a wide and long-lasting impact on world proint industry.
The Pennsylvania Packet or The General Advertisor is claimed to be America’s first successful daily newspaper.

America’s first daily Newspaper

It began its publication on September 21, 1784 in Philadelphia.
The first issue of the daily newspaper was published on 1778 July 4. Dunlap and D.C Claypoole were the two publishers of this daily. It is an English language newspaper which was published daily except Sundays.

It also saw the descent of many monthly and daily newspapers which was published before ‘The Pennsylvania Packet And The General Advertiser’.

Founded in the year 1777 as a weekly newspaper, the iconic newspaper started its daily publication in the year 1784. After Dunlip starts the publication, D.C Claypoole became the partner.
During 1784, the paper was issued as the Pennsylvania Packet and General Advertisor reflecting its turn to the daily newspaper.

The newspaper underwent subsequent name changes, from Pennsylvania Packet (1971) to Dunlap’s American daily Advertiser (1791-1793) later to Dunlap and claypole’s, American Daily Advertiser (1793-1795) and Claypoole’s American Dailly Advertiser (1796-1800).

The newspaper succeeded to create the triumph amomg the readers.
On September 21, 1796 it was the first newspaper daily which published George Washington’s farewell address.

Zachariah paulson purchased the paper and he renamed it as ‘Paulson’s American daily advertiser’. After the change in the ownership of the newspaper, Paulson successfully run the newspaper for almost 40 years.

Towards the end of 1839, the paper was sold out to the owners of the recently founded North American (American newspaper published in Philadelphia).

College Organises Talk on Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

Sexual harassment is an internationally recognised menace that affects victims, employees, employers and the society as a whole.

St Aloysius College acknowledges sexual harassment as a violation of human rights and in an effort to raise the awareness about Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) organised an interactive session by Mr Robinson D’Souza, Former Law Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka.

The objectives of the talk, conducted on Sep 19, 2016, were:

  • Identify Subtle and Overt Sexual Harassment
  • Understand Definition of Harassment
  • Understand Definition of Hostile Work Harassment
  • Explain the Provisions of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013
  • Understand Third Party Sexual Harassment within Workplace.

Mr. D’Souza’s witty way of explaining a sensitive topic like sexual harassment won many hearts.

“The talk filled many gaps in our knowledge about the act, which was definitely welcome,” said Ms. Anupriya Shetty, HOD, Dept of Mathematics, St Aloysius College.

She is sure that such acts and talks will bring a positive and safe working environment for women across India in the future.

Mr. D’Souza elucidated the provisions of the Act with various case studies whose resolutions he was personally involved in. He explained the provisions for female domestic sevants in clear terms that brought the point across wonderfully.

“Mr. D’Souza’s case studies related to Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) and their outcomes were informative, said Ms. Priya Shetty, Faculty, Dept of Economics.

“Hopefully, women in both organised and unorganised sector across the country will benefit immensely with this endeavour,” she added with confidence.

Prevention of harassment in the workplace is both an international and national concern. The management of St Aloysius College rightly took a step in creating the much needed awareness on Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) in workplace.

Panambur Beach Comes Alive with Anti-Stalking Campaign by MA (JMC) Students

Panambur Beach, one of the popular tourists spots of Mangalore, has seen many things over many decades.

Once, a charming quiet spot for locals, Panambur beach has seen tremendous development as a tourist spot, and is known for its cleanliness, discipline of the lifeguards and its range of activities from horse riding to speed boats to kite festivals.

We take this moment to appreciate the great work done by the Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project (PBTDP) and Sri Yathish Baikampady for the upkeep and development of the beach. Their lifesavers do a fantastic job in keeping the beach clean and accident free!

Past Sunday i.e. Sep 18, 2016, the beach witnessed a unique event conducted by MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) students in Mangalore: spreading awareness about the menace of stalking. After much groupthink in the class room the students of MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) a placard campaign was in order.

And what better place to begin with than a beach on a Sunday! The result is below:

(MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) Mangalore
(MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) students along with their friends, who came for moral support.

Once on the beach, there was no stopping our enthusiastic bunch. They went around the beach in a bid to create awareness about stalking by placing placards on strategic points around the beach.

There was a lot of interest generated and many tourists who did not know the concept of stalking approached our students and got more information.

Some of them even pledged their support by volunteering to hold a placard and take pics. We have got an assorted gallery of these pics for you below.

(Note: all photos were taken by our students after informing the subjects that the photos will be published on this blog)