‘This Day, That Year’ – Aug 26, 1921: Legendary Newspaper Editor Ben Bradlee is Born

Note: ‘This Day, That Year’ is a series of articles chronicling important events in history that shaped present media scenario. These articles are written exclusively by our II Year students of MA Mass Communication. Mangalore attracts numerous individuals with untapped talent, this series is one such output of their energetic groupthink… the Dept wishes them well in this endeavour.

swetha m
Swetha M

“As long as a journalist tells the truth in conscience and fairness ,it is not his job to worry about consequences . the truth is never dangerous as a lie in the long run. I truly believe the truth sets the man free” – Ben Bradlee

Every day is a special day to someone in one or the other way . It has got its own story to be told to the world. 26 August is one such day of significance for the media world- the birthday of Benjamin C Bradlee, one of the most well-known personalities in the field of journalism.

“Bardlee’s significance to journalism is unparalleled. The 17 Pulitzer awards that Washington Post won during his 26 year tenure is a great testimony to the man’s vision and dedication to journalistic values,” says Mr Vishal Nayak, Head, Dept of Mass Communication, St. Aloysius College.

Ben Bradlee
Ben Bradlee

Benjamin Crowninshield ‘Ben’ Bradlee was born in Boston, Massachusetts as a member of Boston Brahmin Crownshield family. A World War II veteran, Bardlee started his career in print media as a reporter at New Hampshire Sunday news in 1946, a venture which he helped to launch.

After he sold the paper, in 1948 he started working for the Washington Post. He began as a reporter and later become the Editor of the same.
As an executive editor Bradlee marked the history with his own signature way of journalism and investigation. His endless efforts to bring out the reality and face of the truth before the society made him to become one of the most eminent newspaper journalists of his era.

Bradlee is known to be responsible for publishing the infamous pentagon papers and exposing the Watergate presidential scandal, for which he received the Pulizter prize for public service.

ben2His never dying spirit and determination contributed news stories and reports to transform “the post” from an ordinary traditional paper into an influential and respectable metropolitan daily, during his 26 years long tenure.

In 2007 the French government bestowed upon him the country’s highest award. He authored two books on President Kennedy That Special Grace and Conversations With Kennedy.

Ban Bradlee was a man of higher aspiration towards the truth and reality. He dedicated his life for the sake of bringing out the real face of truth in front the society. His life has become an inspiration for all those who strive to succeed in the field of printmedia.

‘This Day, That Year’ – Aug 24, 1995: The Year of the Windows 95 Juggernaut

Windows 95 operating System revolutionizes the personal computing field: makes computing consumer friendly.

Note: ‘This Day, That Year’ is a series of articles chronicling important events in history that shaped present media scenario. These articles are written exclusively by our II Year students of MA Mass Communication. Mangalore attracts numerous individuals with untapped talent, this series is one such output of their energetic groupthink… the Dept wishes them well in this endeavour.

By Sheeja B

Window 95 was a major upgrade to the windows operating system, and it was great succession in the technological world. 1995 witnessed for an amazing and great technological invention by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows is a family of operating systems. The windows operating systems are more formally called ‘Microsoft Windows’ and it is a family of operating systems for the personal computers.

Windows 95 represents a significant advance over its precursor, Windows 3.1. In addition to sporting a new user interface, Windows 95 also includes a number of important internal improvements.The most important is that it supports 32 bit applications, which means that applications written specifically for this operating systems should run much faster.

And also Windows 95 can run older windows and DOS applications, it has essentially removed DOS as the underlying problem.


Windows 95 introduced numerous functions and features that were featured in later Windows versions, such as the taskbar, the “Start” button and the way the user navigates. Windows 95 also introduced the multi-tasking toolbar, maximize window buttons, the minimize button, and Internet Explorer, in the same year.

Windows 95 had a few notable add-ons, not least being the famous start menu, a feature so significant that the company dedicated its launch ad to it.

It was the first commercial operating system aimed and used by regular people. It pave the way for the information age for most people, and out of its popularity grew things like digital music downloads, photo sharing, personal emails, all things that most people before it had never given a thought to.

It argued that it is also the most important operating system ho have ever been launched at all. It is interesting to notice that the original retail “gold” release of Windows 95 did not include Microsoft Internet Explorer at all.

Today in 2016 it is difficult to even imagine in working on something as arcane as Windows 95, but in 1995 when the world was crying for a user friendly operating system, Microsoft launched this version which went on to revolutionize the personal computing industry.

All India Radio Mangalore Director Inspires Students of MA (JMC)

By Christon Mario D’Souza

“Radio is the original form of ‘social media’ in that it allow you to connect with other people and ideas in your community or beyond, for free; this is what makes radio unique and the reason behind its longevity. Terrestrial Radio is growing as well as the internet and online Radio – the entire pie is getting bigger” – John Donham, CEO, TuneIn.

Dr Vasanth Kumar Perla, director of Akashwani (All India Radio), Mangalore spoke in an interactive session with the students of the department of Mass Communication of St Aloysius College, Mangalore.

MA mass communication mangalore
Dr Vasanth Kumar Perla breaking down the nuances of radio programming to MA (JMC) students.

Dr. Perla provided meaningful and in-depth insights on radio its functioning. According to many experts, radio is one of the most powerful medium for communication where audio creates a mental image in the minds of listeners.

Agreeing with this opinion, Dr. Perla said that radio delivery has to be intimate, more akin to a conversation between two people rather than a speech.

He also spoke about different radio programmes and genres associated with radio. Dr. Perla told how radio is time bound and how time makes a difference in the radio programmes and he spoke about the importance of music in radio and how creativity makes a difference.

“Language is the breath of Radio,” said Dr Vasanthkumar Perla, mentioning how language skills and writing skills is a prerequisite for radio industry or, for that mattere, any other industry

Future mass communication professionals tapping into Dr Perla's vast pool of knowledge.
Future mass communication professionals tapping into Dr Perla’s vast pool of knowledge.

One of students questioned him about the future of Radio due to rapid rise in technology. In answer, Dr Perla gave his thoughts about digital radio and the upcoming job opportunities in the field, he said that the future of radio is bright because of the increase in population which results in more listenership and radio industry will never die and will boom in the coming years.

It was a very inspiring and motivating session where the students learnt a lot and few of the students were motivated to work in the radio industry.

“Dr. Perla’s session was an eye-opener for me, a corporate communication specialisation student, and I’m inspired to use radio more for promotional activities and other corporate communication endeavours,” said Anusha CV, a student of second year MCMS.

‘This Day, That Year’ – Aug 20, 1920: 8MK Station Broadcast as First Commercial Radio

The first commercial radio went on air on 20th August 1920 by station 8MK, in Detroit, Michigan.

Note: ‘This Day, That Year’ is a series of articles chronicling important events in history that shaped present media scenario. These articles are written exclusively by our II Year students of MA Mass Communication. Mangalore attracts numerous individuals with untapped talent, this series is one such output of their energetic groupthink… the Dept wishes them well in this endeavour.

by Asher Mathew

Radio has become a common phenomenon over a century. A widely used medium that has gone through many rough times in the beginning has now established its place among the present media scenario.

Today radio has become a huge medium with many branches.
The first commercial radio went on air on 20th August 1920 by station 8MK, in Detroit, Michigan. “Detroit News Radiophone” which is now known as WWJ, was the outcome of the interest in radio technology by the publishers of the Detroit News.

Even though started an experimental radio broadcast station, it is considered the first commercial radio station broadcast. On August 1920, a series of trial broadcasts began, to check if the equipment was ready for regular service. The test programs were found satisfactory and regular broadcast began on 31st August.

Private radio stations are sprouting like mushrooms every day. Many commercial radio stations have come up in the past few decades and their popularity is increasing day by day. Unlike many of the non commercial radio stations, commercial radio has succeeded to attract a huge audience.

Today government gives license to private organizations and institutions to own radio. Most of the programs are entertainment oriented. Station 8MK, which is now known as WWJ newsradio 950 AM, was started for regular news broadcast and still after years, WWJ is the only commercial all-news radio station in Michigan.

Commercialization has changed the face of media. This phenomenon has entered the scenes of radio a long time back. The growing popularity for commercial radio stations could be traced back to the time when this first commercial radio started its broadcast.

‘This Day, That Year’ – Aug 17, 1908: ‘Fantasmagorie’ Becomes First Animated Film

The 1 min 20 seconds silent film was product of French caricaturist, cartoonist, and animator Emile Cohl.

Note: ‘This Day, That Year’ is a series of articles chronicling important events in history that shaped present media scenario. These articles are written exclusively by our II Year students of MA Mass Communication. Mangalore attracts numerous individuals with untapped talent, this series is one such output of their energetic groupthink… the Dept wishes them well in this endeavour.

by Athira Joy

Beginning of every era is marked by an event which will be jolted down on the pages of history.

A landmark in the history of film industry was marked on 17th of August 1908 when world’s first animated cartoon film, Fantasmagorie premiered in Paris.

French caricaturist, cartoonist, and animator Emile Cohl created this 1 minute 20 seconds silent film back in 1908 when the phenomenon of motion pictures was picking steam in Paris.

Though largely forgotten, the credit for the ‘invention’ of animated films goes to Cohl for his thought of combining his love for caricature with motion pictures.

In the present century, the advent of technology and animation has reached a new level. Many animated films such as the Toystory, Minions, Cindrella, Inside Out etc had record collections in the box office.

Fantasmagoire starred two characters, the clown and the gentleman. It consisted largely of a stick figure moving about and encountering all manner of objects changing form. Over 700 drawings were each shot onto negative film and double exposed to create the first animated cartoon film.

Les Independants du Premire Siecle writes that Cohl “gave animation a sense of poetry, a plethora of innovations, and made it an art in its own right, which combined cinema, drawing and painting”. Today, the concept of animation has changed from simple hand drawings to computer generated images and graphics. Hundreds of animated films are being produced each year.

Motion pictures were a wonder to people when it was first shown, but when cartoons and paintings were given life with motion, it turned out to be a magic. The history of animation can be traced back to this one minute film which inspired many others to create many of our favorite characters.

Ist Yr Students put up Memorable Performances on International Youth Day

IInd Year Students Welcome Ist Years in a Unique Manner: International Youth Day and its 2016 Theme for Fresher’s Day!

facing the arrow of question with smile! cheese!
Nithin, a first year student, facing the arrows of questions with smile! Mr. Fresher Contest.
Rev.Fr.William Marcel Rosrigues sj , Vice Principal Addressing the students
Rev.Fr.William Marcel Rodrigues SJ, Vice Principal and Faculty of the Dept of Mass Communication addressing the students.
Asst Prof. Tia Boban 'Wishing the students'
Asst Prof. Tia Boban ‘Wishing the students’

Freshers day is meant for interaction between seniors and freshers, they mingle with each other and the day to break the ice. Freshers day is to welcome newcomers in a friendly atmosphere it strengthen the bond with juniors, make them relaxed in college.

The Dept of Mass Communication of St Aloysius College Mangalore conducted Fresher’s day on 12th Aug 2016.

This date was chosen because it is the International Youth Day so this year our theme was the same as the UN: The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production

This year’s freshers of M.A (JMC) students took up the challenge in a brilliant manner. They were asked to come up with a unique character for the year 2030 who had superpowers which she/he would help in Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Needless to say, there were some hilariously brilliant characters: from jhadu-man an alien from a distant planet with a compulsive environment-saving superpower, the 18 newest members of the MA(JMC) family thrilled the audiences and judges alike.

They came with three super natural power in which one related to sustainable development. Rev.Fr. William Marcel Rodriguez, vice principal and Miss Jenic,  faculty of chemistry department judged the performance of the students.

"Game mode on"
“Game mode on”
"Over to you people!" Mr fresher
“Over to you people!” says Mr Fresher.


Even the second years were found in the environment-saving mode as they made a pleadge before-hand to keep plastic usage during the event to as minimal as possible.

By the end of the event, judges announced Mr. Fresher as Vibhav Naik and Likhith Shenoy and Miss Fresher as Sneha of the department. “The fresher’s day was a good platform for both the seniors and juniors to interact and to know each other” said Dhanush K, second year mass communication student. “Fresher’s day was a memorable event which helped us to showcase our talents” said Jean first year mass communication student.

This freshers party helped to break the ice between second years and first years. It was a starting for other upcoming events together.

"after busy work"
“IInd years busy after busy work”
Dept of Mass Communication HOD, Mr Vishal Nayak, handing over the Miss Fresher Award to Sneha.
thats it! (Mr fresher)
That’s it! (Mr fresher)

"facing the challenge"

Former MediaOne Journalist Jishnu Menon Enthralls Students in Mini-Workshop on Camera Techniques


It is said a photo speak thousand words, indeed it not only speaks thousand words but shows a form of life, because visuals are those which capture a moment that is gone forever.

“It’s absolutely inevitable that eventually, all or at least most of our entertainment will be in a 3D”, says James Cameron emphasizing the value of camera.

To throw light on prominence of the career prospects in camera and it’s handling techniques to students of mass communication of St Aloysius College Mangalore, Mr Jishnu Menon, Lecturer of Alva’s College has come to deliver a guest lecture.





Jishnu Menon (handling the camera) left a blaze of knowledge with his lucid delivery and warm way of communicating with students.

Mr Menon who was a former student of the department of Mass Communication of St Aloysius conducted a very interactive session. Wherein he gave opportunities for his audience to actively indulge in his discussions and raise questions leading to a lively session.

Session included techniques on using a professional video camera, tricks and handling for daily use.

Mr Menon spoke on basics of White Balancing in the camera and how to use filters both indoor and outdoor and added how lighting is essential to get good photographs and videos and one should be able to learn the skills to use artificial lighting photography.


And said it is very important for a Mass communication student to be tech savvy and camera friendly.

Thus he made each individual to handle camera and taught several techniques in videography, which the students found very useful and Keerthan Kini one of the student said, “it was an interactive session, we learnt many techniques which makes us easy to handle cameras in busy conditions and when one have to use cameras in extreme conditions like rain and heat”.

It was an informative session with Mr Menon, who was glancing over past said that, “It indeed was a delightful experience to have an interaction with all and bring back the nostalgia for me. What I’m right now is because of the challenges taken up by me and guidance given by the faculty of Mass Communication.”